IT at France24: “Bursting the Brussels bubble: Transparency in the EU under fire”

France24: Whether you’re a Europhile or a Eurosceptic, you’ll probably have heard the same criticisms of Europe: that it’s too bound up with bureaucracy; a Brussels bubble with supposedly unelected officials calling the shots for half a billion people. Recently, the sceptics got some new ammunition – in the shape of the lightning-fast promotion of a lifelong civil servant called Martin Selmayr to one of the most powerful jobs in the EU.

On today’s programme we’ll be finding out why so many lawmakers at the European Parliament are up in arms about this case, but also asking whether the critics might not have a point – and if European institutions across the board might not have some work to do… to make their work more transparent for ordinary citizens.

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EP eelarveraport võeti vastu

Neljapäeval plenaaristungil hääletusel olnud EP enda eelarveraport läks viimastel minutitel siiski veidi kõrbema. Parteid, individuaalsed liikmed, kantseleitöötajad ja ajakirjanikudki survestasid igaüks omal kombel. Ning töökeelest kadus inimkeel ja asendus protseduurireeglite väänamisega… Siiski, väike huumor aitab igas olukorras nagu kinnitab lisatud video. Pikemalt tuleval nädalal…

Euroopa Parlament nõuab Eesti laevakaitsjate vabastamist