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Working and legislative programme of the European commission for 2010

President of the Commission Mr Barroso presented to the Members of the European Parliament in the plenary of the 20th of April his new programme for 2010 and beyond.

The main goals of this programme are to develop measures enabling the EU to get out of the economic and financial crisis and to establish a strong basis for sustainable growth.

Another priority is the stability of the Euro-zone. At the time, he stressed the financial mechanism of support for Greece, which was adopted on 11th of April, was ready to be activated by Greece in case this country would need it.

In this framework, the stability and growth pact should be reviewed with increased economic monitoring of the Member States and permanent mechanisms to be set up to resolve unexpected crisis situations.

The European commission is expected to communicate on enhanced coordination on economic policies to improve the use of the possibilities the Lisbon Treaty offers.

The Commission wants public financing to be reliable and sustainable.

In the meanwhile, the European Commission has proposed a new monitoring system of national budgets, with supervision by a new European economic government on national budgetary programme and decisions ahead of the vote in National Parliaments. This would allow more budgetary discipline and a stronger economic coordination between the 27 Member States. The European Council still have to decide how to develop the new structure and the implementation of the decision will belong to all three institutions.

According to Mr Barroso, since one year and a half, the European financial system is more ethical, has a new monitoring structure and alternative investments funds. The new structure of the financial system would be operational in 2011.

He stressed the social inclusion by 2020 with the creation of a platform against poverty insisting on social and economic cohesion.

Three-months rolling programme of priority debates in the plenary (Strasbourg)

  • June – financial supervisory package, sustainable future of transport, European Council preparation.
  • July – belgian presidency, EP’s right of enquiry, Kosovo and Albania.
  • September – State of the Union, Mid-term report on financial crisis, Afghanistan, (tbc EEAS, Employment guidelines 2010)