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“Disco and Atomic War”

On the evening of the 2nd of March this year, a documentary called “Disco and Atomic War” was screened in the European Parliament. This film, made by Estonian directors Mr Jaak Kilmi and Mr Kiur Aarma, tells the story of a unique, even strange information war across the Gulf of Finland during the Cold War. Although Soviet-occupied Estonia was cut off from the free world, a small window was left open in the form of Finnish TV and radio stations that transferred their frequencies from only 80km away. Disco music, roller-skates, “Dallas” and “Knight Rider” were all seen as an enormous threat to the whole communist empire back in Moscow…

Disko ja tuumasõda plakat

The film, which has won several awards in international festivals, attracted a bit more than 100 people that evening. A lively discussion followed the screening between the directors and the public, consisting of Finns, Swedes, Germans, Americans, French and Estonians about the events depicted in the movie, but also about how a similar thing took place on the borders of the once separated Germany.

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