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Diary of Andres Tarand from years 1980- …

I would like to recommend this book for those who specialize in understanding contemporary Russia and member states of European Union, which either were occupied or dominated by the Soviets. Because it describes the environment, where seeds of democracy began to develop to form a fragile plant and where putinism began to form it’s approach to encounter democratic development.
Indeed, Vladimir Vladimirovitsh himself is not mentioned in this text, but lot of his KGB collegues have significant roles. It is an authentic history book! And yet in can also be read as work of fiction, because numerous celebrities of Estonian social and cultural scene of 1980s won’t ring a bell in the head of a non-estonian reader. And it seems to be fiction – life of a family, story of a father and his son. With an unexpected happy end.
Enjoy your time reading this historical text by by Andres Tarand!


Estonian memory: Andres Tarand “Letters do not burn”

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