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Mistrali müügist

Olles küll pooleteist aasta jooksul Euroopa Parlamenti informeerinud oma seisukohast Mistrali müügi asjus, lisan siiski ses lootusetuna näivas asjas ühe kirjaliku küsimuse Euroopa Nõukogule.

Tarand law

During the European Parliament elections in 2009, it was not possible for the people to vote for their chosen candidates (the so-called “closed lists” system) – the parties’ leaders comfortably decided themselves once the votes had been given to them. Furthermore, this is related to an even larger – and still existing – problem.

People are quite often forced into party membership. They are left with no other choice when they wish to do business in certain areas, build a house, expand their company’s market share, have job at a ministry, etc. As an independent candidate, I offered the people a little diversity in this context during the last elections and it seemed to resonate with quite a few people. It might be worth mentioning, that the electoral law was changed on February 10th 2010 and was nicknamed the “Tarand law.”

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