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Why Greens?

I was elected to the European Parliament as an independent candidate. As I had to remain true to my beliefs and voters alike, I had no other choice but to continue as an independent Member of the European Parliament. Since the “old” ideas like liberalism, conservatism and social democracy cannot give answers and solutions to the challenges of the 21st century, I decided to join the political EP group that has a potential to do this –  the Greens. I found their perspectives and globally valid point of views very fascinating – more fascinating than having more and more power…

Besides, the Greens did not want me to join their party, unlike other political groups. One may say that it was a matter of flexibility – we respect each other’s point of views and co-operate where and when we can. When we have different opinions, then I will not sabotage their objectives and they will understand that my opinion is my opinion…

At the same time, as political culture in Estonia is very young and still developing, suffering under political parties both in power and in the opposition that do not respect citizens rights and freedom of speech – the Estonian Green Party did not manage to get a mandate during the last European Elections. It would be only healthy to have a country represented in all the (significant) political groups in the EP. Also, it is vital to uphold the political diversity in Estonia and protect freedom of speech, open lists during elections and prevent people from getting sucked into political parties against their will.

The European Green Council takes place in Tallinn, Estonia

For the first time, a Pan-European party congress will be held in Estonia and the Baltic Region in general.

From the 8th to the 10th of October this year the European Green Party will organise its annual council to discuss different economic and social topics related to Estonia and Europe and also how to reduce unemployment – Green Collar Jobs! Energy security and the European Citizen Initiative are also on the agenda as are the newly created European External Action Service and the question on how to further develop the citizen society.

The European Citizen Initiative is a project currently in its last preparatory phase that creates a possibility for the EU citizens to present new legislation proposals to the European Commission. The latter has to take notice and give an official justified response to the proposals. At least 1 million signatures from (currently) 9 Member States are needed. The respective European Parliament report (by A.Lamassoure, G.Häfner, D.Wallis, Z.Gurmai ) will be voted in December in Strasbourg.

Experts from different countries will be taking the floor at the European Green Council. Among others, General Director Strategy Bureau of Government of Estonia Keith Kasemets, Green Economics Institute director and founder Miriam Kennet, Green Budget Europe chairman Dr Anselm Görres, Member of the European Parliament and Co-spokesperson of the European Green Party Philippe Lamberts, Estonian Greens Co-spokesperson and Member of Parliament Aleksei Lotman and Member of the European Parliament Indrek Tarand.

Seminars, fringe meetings for networks and topical workshops will be held during the 2-day conference. Everybody is welcome to join! More information, the program and registration form can be found here.