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Diary of Andres Tarand from years 1980- …

I would like to recommend this book for those who specialize in understanding contemporary Russia and member states of European Union, which either were occupied or dominated by the Soviets. Because it describes the environment, where seeds of democracy began to develop to form a fragile plant and where putinism began to form it’s approach to encounter democratic development.
Indeed, Vladimir Vladimirovitsh himself is not mentioned in this text, but lot of his KGB collegues have significant roles. It is an authentic history book! And yet in can also be read as work of fiction, because numerous celebrities of Estonian social and cultural scene of 1980s won’t ring a bell in the head of a non-estonian reader. And it seems to be fiction – life of a family, story of a father and his son. With an unexpected happy end.
Enjoy your time reading this historical text by by Andres Tarand!


Estonian memory: Andres Tarand “Letters do not burn”

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The European Green Council takes place in Tallinn, Estonia

For the first time, a Pan-European party congress will be held in Estonia and the Baltic Region in general.

From the 8th to the 10th of October this year the European Green Party will organise its annual council to discuss different economic and social topics related to Estonia and Europe and also how to reduce unemployment – Green Collar Jobs! Energy security and the European Citizen Initiative are also on the agenda as are the newly created European External Action Service and the question on how to further develop the citizen society.

The European Citizen Initiative is a project currently in its last preparatory phase that creates a possibility for the EU citizens to present new legislation proposals to the European Commission. The latter has to take notice and give an official justified response to the proposals. At least 1 million signatures from (currently) 9 Member States are needed. The respective European Parliament report (by A.Lamassoure, G.Häfner, D.Wallis, Z.Gurmai ) will be voted in December in Strasbourg.

Experts from different countries will be taking the floor at the European Green Council. Among others, General Director Strategy Bureau of Government of Estonia Keith Kasemets, Green Economics Institute director and founder Miriam Kennet, Green Budget Europe chairman Dr Anselm Görres, Member of the European Parliament and Co-spokesperson of the European Green Party Philippe Lamberts, Estonian Greens Co-spokesperson and Member of Parliament Aleksei Lotman and Member of the European Parliament Indrek Tarand.

Seminars, fringe meetings for networks and topical workshops will be held during the 2-day conference. Everybody is welcome to join! More information, the program and registration form can be found here.

Andres Tarand

Sündinud 11. jaanuaril 1940 Tallinnas.

Lõpetanud TRÜ klimatoloogia erialal (1963);
geograafiakandidaat (1973).
Nooremteadur (1968-1970).
Vaneminsener (1970-1973).
Vanemteadur (1973-1976).
Sektorijuhataja (1976-1979, 1981-1988).
Teadusdirektor (1979-1981).
Tallinna Botaanikaaia direktor (1988-1990).

Euroopa Parlamendi liige 2004-2009
Riigikogu liige (1992; 1995-2004).
Eesti Vabariigi keskkonnaminister (1992-1994) ja peaminister (1994-1995).
Rahvaerakond Mõõdukad liige aastast 1996, mis 2004. aastast on Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond; selle esimees (1996-2002).
EV Ülemnõukogu saadik (1990-1992).
Eesti Kongressi (1990-1992) ja selle alaliste tööorganite Eesti Komitee (1990) ning Põhiseaduse Assamblee (1991-1992) liige.
Eesti Geograafia Seltsi (alates 1966), Säästva Eesti Instituudi, Stockholmi Keskkonnainstituudi Tallinna Keskuse nõukogu (alates 1988), TÜ kuratooriumi (alates 1996) ja Eestimaa Looduse Fondi nõukogu (alates 1998) liige.
Globe International Europe’i regiooni asepresident (alates 1999).

Avaldatud raamatud
“Neljakümne kiri” (1991),
“Cassiopeia” (1992),
“Kiri ei põle ära” (2005) ja
“Mitte ainult hõlmikpuu” (2004).

Riiklikud autasud
Riigivapi II klassi teenetemärk (2001).
Taani WWF-i autasu Panda Award (1998).
Prantsusmaa Auleegioni Ordeni Komandöririst (2001).