Votewatch andmeil on EEstil mõjukaid eurosaadikuid

Votewatchi pressiesindaja saatis täpsustuse Eesti eurosaadikute mõjukuse osas. Nende andmeil on Eestil kaks mõjukat saadikut — Indrek Tarand 129.-ndal ja Yana Toom 440.-ndal kohal.

Thank you for reaching out to us. As discussed over the phone, I forwarded your request to my colleagues researchers. 

The top 2 Estonian MEPs are: 

1) Indrek Tarand – 129th – 32 points 
2) Yana Toom – 440th – 13.75 points

Since we prefer to focus on the upper part of the ranking, as the more you go towards the middle and the bottom the higher the concentration of MEPs is (ie. they are tied or the difference between them is very small), we will not be able to provide you with the order of the other 4 missing of the Estonian MEPs. 

Best wishes,

Dorian Obreajan,
Communication Officer

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