Tervitussõnad Milleniumi filmifestivalile

3.-11.aprillini kestab Brüsselis rahvusvaheline dokumentaalfilmide festival Millenium, mille avafilmiks oli valitud Ene-Liis Semperi ja Tiit Ojasoo „Kust tuleb tolm ja kuhu kaob raha“ (ingliskeelse pealkirjaga “Ash and Money”). Et mul oli au Ühtse Eesti Suurkogul natuke kaasa teha, palusid korraldajad ka minult lühikest sissejuhatust filmile. Siin see on.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First it was a theatre, which really rocked the very foundations of partocratic society. But now, thank God, it has been eternalised as a documentary film.
Or movie. Moving, very moving indeed. Those artists, who deared to bring this about, acted like Prometheus, stealing fire for poor mankind in the cold. Consequently they were of course punished – lots of citizens still approach them and express their disappointment asking „Why didn`t you create a real
functioning political party? Why did you just waste our expectations and hopes. Why did you wreck our loaded, energetic potential to follow your leadership?“
I imagine that for artists like Tiit Ojasoo it must be painful as the eagle pecking his liver. We know that the promethean liver grows back, but also the eagle keeps coming back every day.

The Project „Ash and Money“ was a sincere attempt to save politics from the very politicians, but also to show the mirror to the voters – what is the outcome of their behavior. However, the salvation did not happen. Why? It is obvious – when people actually do not accept the need of change, because it would be too demanding from the aspect of changing their everyday habits, too damaging to their financial and power relationships (often slightly corrupted) – in those circumstances people simply are unable to press for a change. And they tend to blame artists for not keeping their promise, accomplishing the Dream instead of citizens themselves.

As people are unable to change, the political class, as described so brilliantly by Peter Oborne in his so titled book, cannot change as well. Because they are not afraid of the possibility someone taking away bit of their property, called Power.
Yes, theatre and cinema can produce good side-effects for a society. If we had this kind of artists in Netherlands, France, Italy or the United Kingdom, political parties of irresponsible destruction would probably not exist. Geert Wilders, Le Pen and Daughter, UKIP and others would not be so powerful. In Estonia such political breed does not exist. Thanks to responsible art project „Ash and Money“ OK, and thanks a little to myself…
Because the artists need salvation as well. And as we all know, it took Hercules to save poor Prometheus. When I was young I could create heraclean deeds… Now I am more like Hercule, Hercule Poirot. I can point out who is guilty! 🙂 Enjoy the movie! Thank you!