Remarks on Written Declaration Nr. 0003

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,

It is quite uncomfortable to annoy our pleasant getting-together-mood with an announcement, but as it is my duty, I will continue.

As  I was told by the President, we adopted the first written declaration on this calendar year of 2011. In our ordinary language we would describe it as a major event, success and historic milestone. If someone smells irony in this sentence, he will be wrong.  Because I truly mean it, mostly because this WD has been initiated on the citizen’s request.  The organizers of the global civic movement “Let`s do it world” organizing the  World clean-up 2012 event believe that the support from the majority of members of the EP will help them to support their action and ease their relations with respective municipal powers.

So thanks to everybody, who supported WD 3, particularly to the Greens, among which 99% of all group members gave their support, but also to the majority in other important political groups, and the presidents of EPP, ALDE, SDE and others, and to the 12 vice presidents and president Buzek. I enjoyed the cooperation with other initiators, Mrs Jordan Cizelj, Morkunaite, Lepage and Gomes.
However, finally, knowing the controversy around written declarations and different opinions about their usefulness, I would like to apologize in front of those members who felt offended by our campaign and repeat my promise to the president of my SEDE (security and defense) subcommitte Mr. Danjean – I promised not to start a written declaration again during this legislature of the parliament, and I do hope you all will help me to keep my promise!

Thank You and I hope we can all meet on the action day “World Clean Up 2012”!