CV Indrek Tarand

Born 3rd of February 1964 in Tallinn, Estonia
Married, father of three children

1971–1982 Tallinn 21st Secondary School
1982–1991 Tartu University, history and political science studies
1992–1993 Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna – European Studies

Additional Education
1983–1985 Compulsory Soviet military service
1997 Battle School of the Defence Forces – reserve officers’ course
2005 Reserve officers’ additional course Cior Cla in Budapest

Work experience
1991–1992 Tartu Maja – PR Manager
1993 Special representative of Government of the Republic of Estonia in Narva
1993–1994 Advisor to prime minister Mart Laar
1994–2002 Chancellor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representative of Government of the Republic of Estonia at the Holy See, Vatican
2002–2003 Chief of Staff at the Bank of Estonia
2002-2003 Chief executive of Estonian Hunter’s Society
2003–2009 Freelance journalist, television and radio host
2005–2009 Director at The Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum
2007 Advisor to the Administration of the President of Georgia

Television and Radio work
„Teletaip“ – “Have I Got News For You”
„Targem kui 5B“ – “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”
„Tantsud tähtedega“ –  “Dancing with the Stars”

Social activity
Member of Estonian Student Society
Founder of the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association
Member of the Museum Committee in Estonia

Published articles
Indrek Tarand has published numerous articles on a regular basis.

Commandeur de la Légion d`Honneur (France)
Companion of the National Order of Merit (Malta)
Magna cruce equitem ordinis s.gregorii magni (Vatican)
Order of the Merit of the Polish People’s Republic (5th class)
The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit (Norway)
Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico)
Order of the White Star Third Class (Estonia)