Letters From A Land Far-Far Away, Vol. 1: To All The Assistants I Love…

Seems to be the case that I will stay in the US! I am currently applying for a Green Card.  So you have to hang on without me.  I am absolutely sure that you can manage!  The way how to do it, is upon you to decide, but I have some recommendations:
1. Never lose the sense of humour!
2. Never quarrel within the team (if something, send an email and I will resolve the issue)
3. Give Icelanders a hard time! (e.g. no accession to EU before common vulcano policy)
4. Operate as nothing has happened, even though this volcano did put more CO2 to atmosphere than G20 economies could do in 20 years
And finally – contact SAS senior people in order to find out whether my reservation (Nr SK HR6SJ) to tomorrows Washington- Copenhagen (departure 17:15 from Dulles) is somehow still valid?  Perhaps they have a plane here and they fly to Casablanca or somewhere else close to our Peninsula….

Otherwise, life is fun and I do think all of you will enjoy SG Strassburg next week, despite the fact that I cannot possibly make it:)
All the best!

Yours sincerely,