Speech At Plenary (23.Xi 2009) Concerning Vital Moreira`S Report A7-0060/2009

Sõnavõtt plenaaristungil, mis lennuki hilinemise tõttu jäi ette kandmata, kuid siiski esitatud sai.

On behalf of the Greens and the European Free Alliance I want to voice our dissatisfaction with the so called simplified procedure for the Georgia and Armenia Macro Financial Aid files. Whereas the European Commission has in the past been quick in dealing with MFA’s files, it is not the case this time. Hence the result is almost exclusion of the Parliament from the procedure. And I do absolutely hope that tonight`s debate will help the Commission to understand that things need to be changed for ever in that respect!

I wonder,Mr Kallas, could You please explain to us some of the reasons why the commission – which was aware about the fact that the first payment was already due before 2009 – is late with the procedure?

It has been argued in the Green group that we have to ensure that MFA is not going to be used for military purposes and I desire that as well. However, at the same time, right today the French aircraft carrier enters the harbour of St.Petersburg in order to seal the biggest arms trade with Russia by an EU member state. It is more than evident, that Russia is the main contributor to the reason why Georgia is in dire need of financial assistance. And to ask one side of the conflict to reduce its weaponry and with the other hand to sell ultra modern technology to the other side, will destabilize the strategic situation not only in the region of Black Sea, but will have serious consequences also in the Baltic region. Besides, it is by no means balanced and equal treatment of the conflicting sides, as the Tagliavini Report requires.

Although I am convinced that the countries in the European Neighbourhood are too important for the EU to leave their future in the hands of the International Monetary Fund only, the Greens have some doubts about the policy of the EU being too much linked with the IMF strategies for the concerned countries and a clearer EU mandate for use of assistance could be desireable. We have some experience with IMF orthodoxy, as Mr. Kallas may easily confirm. Indeed, the IMF advocated against Estonian successful currency reform in 1992.

These are the reasons, why the Group will not vote in favour of the resolution, but press abstention buttons.

With these Green and personal remarks I will conclude and thank You very much for your attention.